We sew women’s clothing of the highest quality. We specialize in technically complex models made of difficult to sew fabrics. We are happy to be working with designers offering full design development (preparation of base papercuts, gradation, fabric,accessories supply). Production capacity of the company is about 100-200 pcs. per month. Our advantage is highly qualified and experienced staff.

We have got NO MINIMUM you can start from: 1 pcs

We sew:
  • light woman styles, baby clothing

We have experience in:
  • cotton, patterns-houndstooth, silk,

We do:
  • a first pcs,
  • samples for fashion show
  • small collections

We can give you:
  • support in checking a pattern (we like to share our knowledge)
  • professional (high industrial) quality
  • production on time

We can not give you:
-Sport (synthetic fabric) glue technology,
-fabric supply
-pattern making
-automatic production used in suite


Calculation 40-90 EUR
From photo we can not tell you how much it will cost because it depends on: fabric, quantity of cuts, quality of papercut, type of machines etc.that photo do not show. So it is the best if you visit us and we will meet each other, talk about style, clarify the project.

To give you precise price we need to sew first pcs, the cost of it is 40-100 eur. During this time we check the paper cut and analysing data - after this we can offer you calculation for quantity you want to have.

To start we need from you:
  1. Well done paper cut with the first sample, to copy it. Of Course if we will find some small mistakes we will fix it.
  2. All accessories and fabric necessary for sampling or production - it is good to check if the package have all that is necessary for production before shipment - there can be some mark on fabric, there is also good practice if you give one accessory plus - extra button or zipper. We should receive everything what we need to sewing.
  3. Document with information about quantity and sizes- instruction what you want to order.
  4. For bigger production we need a pro forma invoice - with information regarding weight quantity etc. for all accessories that you bought. It is necessary for international cooperation.  o give you an invoice for the order we need first to do the clearance outwards (duty).
  5. When we finished we will send you a photo with information that the sample is ready with a number of account. To the amount we will ad also price of shipment. When we get the payment we will send the package to you.

The machine park

  • Automatic Lockstitch JUKI
  • overlock 5-and 3-thread JUKI ordinary fabric and knitwear
  • flatlock RIMOLDI knits
  • 2 machines to impersonate the pits - indoor and top stitch
  • button sewing (for flat buttons and leg)
  • High-end buttonhole Reece S-311
  • underwear punch JUKI
  • bar tacking JUKI
  • twoneedles JUKI lockstitch
  • there is a possibility studded nap

About the company

Firm Megi mm is the garment factory operating on the market for 20 years. The proximity of the border (Gryfino, 30 km from Szczecin on Trade and Service Centre “Na-tarasie”) allowed cooperation with a number of German companies. This experience resulted of the ability to sew intricate designs with the highest quality fabrics. From the outset, the most important value of the company was and still is the quality and accuracy of realization of order. We sew a small amount, but the highest class.
The company currently operates as a so-called showroom, employs 4 people. Additionally, we offer storage space. We sew mostly light woman confection, technically difficult, and sometimes finish by hand.

"We believe the garments that meet our desires through the joining of design and technique, helps us to realize how beautiful we are inside."

We have worked with companies such as:

Evelin Brandt, Pyramid, Zappa, Mode Institut, collections Hugo Boss,

Peter O. Mahler
Mads Dinesen


Megi mm
ul. Marii Konopnickiej 12
Trade and Service Centre "Na-tarasie"
74-101 Gryfino

English language information
Marianna Ruszczyńska
+48 609 609 368

German language information
Marian Ruszczyński
+48 793 303 630